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Working collaboratively with artists Gibson/Martelli and with Amanda Drago through Green Croft Arts, I've created numerous interactive installations, using movement tracking to generate and manipulate images and sound in an immersive environment. These have been commissioned  as resourses for sensitive medical and educational contexts as well as public art.

For more information and bookings please head to the Green Croft Arts website.


A reflective artwork which was installed for 2 weeks outside Sunderland Minster as part of the Shine winter festival, then shown at Dance City in Newcastle. Walking over stained glass images form the minster's William Morris window clarifies them and drives generative music derived from samples of the Minster choir. 

A Secret Garden

A Secret Garden was originally developed as a permanent interactive art installation within the Therapies Department at The Royal Hospital for Sick Children in Edinburgh. Therapists working in the hospital helped design and test the activities, visuals and sounds to ensure they were appropriate for their day to day needs.

It has now been re-worked as a touring installation for 2020 - for further information please go to the Green Croft Arts website HERE (opens in a new window)

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