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Welcome to the D.R.A.G.O. song page. As a surprise for Amanda Drago's 50th birthday on 30th July I'm recording a new version of Ottawan’s classic D.I.S.C.O, renamed D.R.A.G.O. I need your help with the part that goes 'She is D - (a word beginning with D)', 'She is R - (a word beginning with R)' etc. I 'm asking everyone to contribute just one word as a tiny video clip, and I'll add them all to a video of the song.


If you have time to send more than one word that would be great - one for each letter would be amazing - but it's fine if you can't. I'm really grateful for all contributions. Amanda has lived by the mantra More Is More, so I'll just make the song as long as it needs to be to fit everyone in. 

Please read the instructions below, then click on the camera button to send me your clip!

Send clips by July 17th please! (but the sooner the better)

Send your clip here 

Here's what I'd like you to do:

1. Listen to the song if you're not already familiar, it follows a simple format and we're doing exactly the same but changing the letters.

2. Think of a word beginning with either D, R, A or G (or one for  all 4) that you think suits Amanda. 

3. Make a quick video of yourself singing your word /s using the rhythm and notes of the original song. The notes are F and G if that helps.

4. Email your clip to me using the big camera button above, or by some other method to

That's it, I'll do the rest! Thank you!

5. Well, almost. If anyone who feels musically and technically competent would like to record themselves singing any or all of the various backing vocal parts that drive the song along, that would be awesome and make it sound better than if I do it all myself. If people are really up for this I can coordinate harmony parts so drop me a line using the same email.


Your video should be very short - brutally short - to fit with the relentless rhythm of the song. Each clip will be about 2 seconds or less, so don't over think it. Make as little or as much effort as you like, do it in your lunch break between sips of coffee or get dressed up and add disco lighting, but remember - it's just a 2 second clip. The important thing is that your face and your chosen word /s appear in the video. 

If you are into adjusting your phone/camera's video settings then give me 1080p. If not, don't worry it will be fine. 

Try to sing somewhere near in tune, but again don't worry too much. If you're not comfortable singing, speaking is fine, or shouting, or impersonating Brian Blessed. Put the song on in the background if you like so you have something to sing to, but make sure your voice is the loudest thing by some margin. Enjoy yourself, she will appreciate fun much more than technical proficiency.

WORDS. I realise there are only so many words beginning with those letters. There will probably be some that get repeated by different people, that's fine. Feel free to be creative - for example G could be for 'Good yoga teacher'. You get the idea.

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