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I am a multi skilled artist with numerous award winning credits, working across photography, music, sound and interactive installation, currently exploring new ways to combine these things in my practice. As well as working solo I've frequently collaborated with other artists, non-artists and other partnerships in devising & creating work. 

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New Album

Gentle Machines is a collection of 4 excerpts from generative pieces made over a 20 year period from 1999 to 2019. Generative music is ever-different & changing, created by a system. Once started, the system can play music over an extended period of time, or indefinitely. Although there is always a certain distinctive sound and/or repeating motifs, it is unlikely that exactly the same passage or combination of sounds will ever repeat, however long it runs. I like to use generative music to transform the mood of spaces, to animate static rooms, complement other artforms or as an aid to calm restless thoughts.

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